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Miss USA

Name : Marisa Garner

Age : 23

Interview :

"I traveled in Windhoek 5 years ago. It's still natural and relaxed, I love people and interest to learn about that.
I’m an outgoing girl, who loves new challenges, meeting new people, and learning about other cultures. I was born and raised in Taxas. I work about fashion organized in my town."

"In this contest, I expect to meets a lot of beauties girls from another country. They're smart, sexy, and wonderful.
After I met them, I know it's not easy to be the winner, but I'll try."


Miss Bolivia

Name : Alexandra Arlee

Age : 23

Interview :

"I got the opportunity to join a cooking program last year. And seeing how little it takes to make a person smile, and how much one person actually can do for another person was very fulfilling.

"On my body, I love my eyes a lot because they're soft blue. And working when I contact another guy, maybe girls too." (smile)


Miss Colombia

Name : Maya Slovares

Age : 18

Interview :

"I would like to visit Namibia. I’d like to experience the country that’s often described as the whole world, because its so wonderful varied plant and animal life,

"It would also be an opportunity for me to help the children of South Africa who suffer not only because of poverty but also from problems resulting from hiv/aid infection."


Miss Costa rica

Name : Ariyah Muzarieta

Age : 20

Interview :

"I started contest Miss Costa rica because I just try to raced myself. After that I'm win and I met something bigger than my thought.

"Miss Mini Universe made me understand another people are there in the world. I love my new friends and got the best experience from them. Even it's not my dream but its make me growup and beautiful."


Miss Ethiopia

Name : Julianna Bichofe

Age : 19

Interview :

"In this year while I shopping with my friends, a street person smiled in passing and said that I will be winning Miss Mini Ethiopia. I said 'you kindding?'

"I love my country. So, although Ethiopia has a rich history, in many ways it is also like a old country, facing the problems of education, housing, employment, health, crime. My own hope is for Ethiopia to use the hope they felt on that first election day."


Miss Germany

Name : Linda Gergen

Age : 21

Interview :

"I grew up in Barlin, and studied about my country history; something that no one would imagine upon meeting me at the university events and groomed me as Miss Mini Germany 2007.

"I love the world peace. I don't like the war, sometime I studied my country history about war, I was blue and hope to never seen it again. I want to be a teacher or historian, may be I'll telling the kids about the happiness from the peace."


Miss India

Name : Dara Pavatree

Age : 18

Interview :

"I attended school in Mumbi where I was a prefect and swimming captain. Health and fitness have always been important to me.

"After school I headed to Thailand to spend six months traveling and visiting family, before returning to Mumbi to enroll for a degree in communications and marketing. I hope to help the poor people in my town by support education of the kids."


Miss Kenya

Name : Daniel Moya

Age : 24

Interview :

"I studied about law, I love outdoor sports and take care animal in my family farm.
In Kenya, many children want to have the best education and they want protection by social. I'm interesting about the law for kids and hope to help many kids in future.

"I support of the redevelopment and growth of my city, we have invested heavily in contributing towards alleviating the HIV Aids crisis in Kenya."


Miss Puerto Rico

Name : Gloria Eva Peretz

Age : 18

Interview :

"I just saw Miss Puerto Rico Universe to be the winnier in Miss Universe 2007 contest last year, and I thought 'Hey can got it', so I try to Miss Mini Puerto Rico and win.

"Maybe everybody can dream but you must do it, if you want get it can be real. I actually feel happy and excited when I visited Namibia, it's so wonderful. I feel so lucky to be myself and I have a big job in this contest too."


Miss Serbia & Montenegro

Name : Krista Craythorne

Age : 18

Interview :

"When I be Miss Mini Serbia 2007 I do not believe this is true. I can only laugh with my family, my mother is the best supporting me to do this. I know she very happy. I love to see her happy and I love my family a lot.

"I am very happy that people from around the globe will come to this place for the Miss Mini Universe Pageant. We will have the chance to experience everything and offer for this event. Someone don't know my country, but I'll present them now."


Miss Sri Lanka

Name : Suraya Dattra

Age : 18

Interview :

"Sri Lanka have many beautiful colors of culture. I just present them by myself, my costums and when I had activity with another girls. I love yoka and in this contest I just teach yoka for some girls too.

"I care about power of female in the social life. My mother and my grandmom are brave and happy women, who have encouraged me to be exactly like they are, brave and happy too."


Miss Trinidad & Tobago

Name : Yaya Ewan

Age : 20

Interview :

"My country is the paradise island for every people around the world. You can see the best beautiful blue sea and beautiful people who are tan skin in small bigini.

"I'm a scopio girls, you know a scopio is strong and sexy. I am bold, beautiful and friendly. I love to change my experience with another girls in this contest and I hope everyone will love me and my island."

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