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Fan No.237 (October 19, 2009 / 01:31 AM)

Its my first time to see beauty pageant of Barbies and its fun.Do you choose the dolls for representing their country or are there anybody
sending their barbies to you for the compitition?I mean its much Nicer if all around the world"countries"will send barbies to compete for the Title wll be much more fun or change the faces of the barbie every year.Bottom line two thumbs up.

From Nanette Nunez

Fan No.236 (October 19, 2009 / 01:11 AM)

MissVenezuela is so cool and elegant.She is effotless among the five and her character represents the the epitomy of being
a modern woman.

From Nanette Nunez


Fan No.235 (October 18, 2009 / 04:57 PM)

ตุ๊กตาสวยทุกตัวเลยค่ะ อยากให้มีประกวดอย่างนี้ทุก ๆ ปีเลยค่ะ จะติดตามนะคะ

From S.Apinya


Fan No.234 (September 11, 2009 / 01:11 AM)

No estoy seguro de quien pueda ganr todas estan muy bellas pero este es mi top 5 sin ningun orden: mexico venezuela
colombia thailand Germany muy hermozas aqui estara la corona!

Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Thailand, Germany

From Pedro

Fan No.233 (September 04,2009 / 02:09 PM)

The Top 5 is

5.Sweden, 4.Thailand, 3.South Africa, 2.Colombia, and 1.Mexico is miss beauty doll 2009
And' I love Korea She's look beauty Asian.++++++++

From Pageanta

Fan No.232 (August 29,2009 / 03:20 AM)

Miss Beauty Doll 2009:- Miss Colombia
1st Runner Up:- Miss Puerto Rico
2nd Runner Up:- Miss Mexico
3rd Runner Up:- Miss South Africa
4th Runner Up:- Miss Venezuela


Puerto Rico, Mexico, South Africa, Venezuela

From Dannyprincess


Fan No.231 (August 23,2009 / 06:20 AM)

4th Runner-up- Miss Mexico
3rd Runner-up- Miss Brazil
2nd Runner-up-Miss Venezuela
1st Runner-up- Miss Germany

Winner- Miss Sweden-Miss Beauty Doll 2009


Germany, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico

From Kelly


Fan No.230 (July 05,2009 / 05:07 PM)

gogo ms. philippines and ms. mexixo, you got the beautiful faces that a contestant have.

From Christopher

Fan No.229 (July 05,2009 / 12:56 PM)

Greetings. Since Veronica Perozti will soon end her reign as Miss Beauty Doll 2008, will there be any new upcoming photos of her? I would
love Veronica to do one more photoshot as MBD 2008.

Thank you,
Jordan LaDiva

Fan No.228 (July 03,2009 / 12:47 PM)

Nationalistic aside.. =D good job for producing this kind of website =D

From Simon Cervantes

Fan No.227 (June 11,2009 / 07:40 PM)

4th runner-up-
miss korea

3rd runner-up
miss germany

2rnd runner-up
miss italy

1st runner-up
miss venezuela

miss usa

From Kelly winans


Fan No.226 (June 10,2009 / 03:37 PM)

I love my land of smile ....THAILAND is beautiful place in the world and also beautiful heart beuatiful smile ....beautiful woman

From Piyawan Nicholson


Fan No.225 (June 10,2009 / 03:05 PM)

I want to vote for Miss Thailand.. she looks very fantastic image

From Marisah Poolsiri


Fan No.224 (June 10,2009 / 11:14 AM)

Did you ever have a miss beauty doll usa win the miss beauty doll crown ever if not this would be the fist time and good luck to miss beauty doll usa

From Kelly Winans


Fan No.223 (June 10,2009 / 05:53 AM)

top five finalista
1. Miss U.S.A.
2. Miss Germany
3. Miss Venezuela\
4. Miss Korea\
5. Miss Italy


4th runner-up- miss germany
3rd runner-up- miss korea
2nd runner-up- miss Italy
1st runner-up- miss venezuela

miss beauty doll 2009- miss usa

From Kelly


Fan No.222 (June 11,2009 / 01:07 AM)

I like the Miss Beauty Doll it was nice the see the first miss beauty doll and the second miss beauty doll and the this year is go to be the third miss beauty doll want country will be host the 2010 miss beauty doll

From Kelly



Fan No.221 (June 11,2009 / 12:30 AM)

Top 10 Semi-Finalistal
1. Miss U.S.A.
2. Miss Germany
3. Miss Korea
4. Miss Venezuela
5. Miss Dominican Republic
6. Miss France
7. Miss Spain
8. Miss Australia
9. Miss Aruba
10. Miss Italy

From Kelly Winans

Fan No.220 (June 10,2009 / 11:14 AM)

เชียร์ Miss Thailand แต่ชอบ มิสชิลีมาก สวยเซ็กซี่ มีประกายของ 1 ใน 5 แต่ตอนนี้เริ่มชอบ มิสเม็กซิโก แล้ว ขอเชียร์เพิ่มอีกคนนะ มิสเวียดนามก็โดดเด่น อย่าลืมนางงามจากฝรั่งเศส เธอดูสวยสง่า โอ้ย ชอบหมดทุกคนค่ะ

ขอโทษนะคะ ไม่เก่งภาษาอังกฤษ ขอเชียร์แบบไทยๆ

From Notty



Fan No.219 (June 07,2009 / 01:26 AM)

My top 15 in evening gwon is the neext in no order:Argentina Australia Brazil Mexico Spain Sri lanka Thailandia Angola Greece Japan Namibia Sweden South africa Kosovo Turkey

From Pedro

Fan No.218 (June 01,2009 / 05:14 PM)

The best contestant and unique than the others

From Putra





Fan No.217 (May 29,2009 / 07:05 AM)

I think miss usa will win the miss beauty doll 2009

From Kelly Winans

Fan No.216 (May 28,2009 / 01:43 PM)

All candidates are so nice~ very hard to choose one. though this is my decision!

From KiK

Fan No.215 (May 27,2009 / 01:08 PM)

My Favorite ...At 5th Miss Sweden 4th place in the Miss Mexico, Colombia in 3rd place... in the 2nd, my favorite Miss Chile and Miss Thailand the winer.

From Emilio

Miss Thailand

Miss Chile, Miss Colombia, Miss Mexico, and Miss Sweden

Fan No.214 (May 25,2009 / 01:20 PM)

Miss Thailand, she is beautifull and sexsy very much

From Prapaporn




Fan No.213 (May 23,2009 / 11:11 AM)

My top 5 is the neext..
5.- miss norway

4.-miss argentina

3.- miss thailand

2.- venezuela

1. miss beauty doll 2009 is misss mexicoo..!!

From Pether

Fan No.212 (May 23,2009 / 01:05 AM)

Heey mexico is the best contestan shes de miss beuaty doll 2009 besto boddy and very very elegant the crown is the mexicoooooo!!!1

From Pedro

Fan No.211 (May 22,2009 / 12:45 AM)

I think Miss Viet have a beautiful smile.So touching me lol

From Ning Ng.

Fan No.210 (May 21,2009 / 11:44 AM)

สวยมากๆค่ะ สวยจริงๆค่ะ

From มณฑาทิพย์



Fan No.208 (May 20,2009 / 10:24 AM)

Yeah i love dolls and beauty pagents.this site is superb...awesome

From Nidhi

Fan No.207 (May 18,2009 / 02:58 PM)

Miss Venezuela is so beautiful. She should be miss beauty doll 2009.

From Hea




Fan No.206 (May 05,2009 / 10:24 AM)




Fan No.205 (May 03,2009 / 06:28 AM)

Miss Belgium with evening dress is my favorite so far. But my heart is with Miss Chile.

From Emilio

Fan No.204 (May 02,2009 / 02:50 AM)

Miss Mexicoo is the most beautiful she'sthe beauty doll 2009

From Pedro

Fan No.203 (April 30, 2009 / 02:36 AM)

I love the site.so many stunnig dolls .....but i noticed ders no barbie here. n de list of beautiful dool is totally incomplete widout her.

From Saarah Khan




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