Judge : Kamol C.

"How do you think about this
saying AIDS's problem that's
only made by gay or the third
gender. And how to solve
This problem?"

Miss Thailand :

"First of all, Dajia
Hao,Hongkong ! The scientist
had assumed and said that
about the cause of this
disease that’s from the third
gender or gay but in my
opinion, I didn't agree with
this sentence. It is the most
unfair accusation for our
friends who are our world
family members. In fact, AIDS
is not only their problem but
also our social problem that a
man and a woman have to
accept and aware about that
as our responsibility. In the
addition, I think how to sort
the gender which is the first,
Second or Third? That’s why
I think and want to beg us as
“No matter what’s the origin
of AIDS but we have to hold
our hands together for battle
with the nightmare of human
race by our human wisdom.
Thank you.


THAILAND : Apichaya Thaipitak Age 20

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